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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  February 4, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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they're going to repo [ bleep ] when you don't pay. >> it's a repossession play by play on a neighbor's car. >> renting those rims? >> the video stopping a lot of people in their tracks. >> they're caught being repo'ed. we've got to do better. a hero saves a man in a burpingburp ing burning truck. >> he literally pulled him out like a sack of potatoes. >> not a minute too soon. he played speed eded spider-man. now the touching journey as jaden's dad climbs kilimanjaro in his honor. plus bonus giveaway day means your chance to win a new
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and a "dirty dancing" move at a wedding reception. >> prepare for takeoff. >> see why she should prepare for the crash landing. >> no! sometimes it just pays to be in the right place at the right time. this 60-year-old truck driver just sh contracrashed his truck into the guardrail. it burst into flames. they're thinking birds flew into the windshield, causing the driver to lose control. and from there you have all of this. >> there's nothing right about that place. what's going on here? >> all of these motorists hopped out of their cars to try to help this man. the people who rushed to help him were telling him come on. but the smoke is so thick that he can't see past that area. that's when this good samaritan, folks are calling him a hero. he climbs up the cab of the truck, secures the truck driver and starts to pull him down. >> he literally pulled him over
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>> standing on top of this burning truck barefoot. >> he says all he had on were his flip-flops. and if you look closely, you'll see he actually lost one of those in the process. shortly after they pulled him from that truck, the truck went up in flames. i'ming if to show you guys a picture of what the aftermath looked like. >> so was the driver even hurt at all or any injuries? >> the driver suffered a broken leg and burns. went to the hospital, they're expecting that he will be okay. managing your personal finances isn't really something that all of us have a handle on. some people kind of blow it. >> the moment that your rims getting repoed by rent-a-rim. >> this video from gainesville, florida, came across this car in one of her neighbors' driveways about a jack stand. and she gets a little bit closer and realizes that the wheels -- those beautiful, shiny wheels that were on that mercedes --
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now, this video is going viral. because of the commentary by the woman behind the camera. >> nice [ bleep ] mercedes-benz. about the time she come out of the house going to be [ bleep ] brick. she ain't going to be driving no [ bleep ], dog. >> they say it ain't tricky if you got it. is. >> you've got to pay. >> the repo man is here for the wheels, not for the entire car. apparently the way she describes it is the person who owns this car is renting those rims. >> hold up, hold up, hold up. the car's not being repoed, the rims are. my people, we've got to do better. i'm sorry. we have got to do better. if you can't afford the rims, don't put the rims on the credit card or layaway and nothing else. that's that. >> i'm pretty sure maybe you're related to this woman. >> no. >> she shares your feelings. >> that's it, folks. i'm just saying.
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[ bleep ] better not be going [ bleep ] you can't pay for them. [ bleep ] >> now, like i said, that video went viral. and so here's a bit of an update. >> got a benz right here. regular tires. it still looks nice. >> and you know she was hanging out around this house just waiting for these stock rims to be -- >> just to do a follow-up. >> i'm here for this report every day of the week. >> everybody for income tax money [ bleep ] don't be going to rent-a-rims renting [ bleep ] rims and can't pay for them monthly. that's what they do. they come [ bleep ]. sitting at the table each and every day, i have learned a newfound respect for the power of nature. so many times we are seeing it doing something incredible. well, over in brazil, the wind was raising the roof in a pretty incredible way.
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off, but look who's attached. >> whoa! >> trying to hold the roof on? >> i think someone was literally trying to hold this one. it was in brazil. it was a huge storm that literally blew through. >> and that's why when they say get out of the area, this is why. you never know the power of mother nature. >> they estimated that it flung almost 100 feet as well, and he was rather badly injured. he had a deep cut on his head. he broke an arm and leg. it's going to take about eight months for him to recover to get back to walking, but he did survive. while it was a lucky escape, this one in russia, a bit less dramatic. well, kind of. it starts out quietly, no big storm in this one. you can see this young lady in the gray hoodie as she's chipping up the ice on the floor. she's got her snow shovel. and you're thinking, okay, where's the danger? look out. >> oh!
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and it's just as she takes that one step forward. she's, like, whoa! what is going on? >> if you look closely and it goes viral, you can see it grazes her because it kind of moves the hoodie. it was literally a half an inch of hitting her clean on the ice and a piece of ice, that big, that heavy, it's going to be like concrete. >> yeah, that could take you out. >> now i'm sitting here thinking she's got to scoop all that up again. it's that time again. it's time to give away another ipad mini. and today is bonus day. we're also giving away a flat-screen tv. >> two winners today to enter, you're going to need wednesday's buzzword. be at least 18 years of age and a legal u.s. resident. >> our buzzword is coming up in just a bit. >> stand by for the ipad mini giveaway. welcome to squirrels at the movies. >> yay!
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>> five movie blockbuster films set. >> brought to you by steve barley, the director, who's also a teacher. five fantastic movie sets in his backyard. which is basically an obstacle course for natalie portman. this first scene, the greatest escape. >> she's bypassed a prisoner. she's turning to freedom. >> she makes her way through the prison and up the stairs, and next, jaws. >> she thinks it's safe to go back in the water. oh, on the head. there you go. you're going to need a bigger nut. >> but that's important because it's the nut she's after. that's why she's taking all these risks. >> yeah, i think we can all guess she's doing her inner spider-man. >> then she moves on to something that ollie will really love.
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flowing now. >> i'm the king of the world! >> "titanic," no problem for the squirrel because this is the most incredible stuff you guys will see all day. >> and it's the "titanic" leap onto the nuts. well done. she's done it. went through all of the different obstacles when she could have run across the wire. >> she's committed. >> as you can guess, this has gone crazy viral because he just >> hold on. cliff-hanger. that must be the director's cut. he's getting his workout in with the invisible gym. >> oh, my gosh! >> see the technique that has people turning their heads. the precious moment when a baby rhino meets its new playmates. now you can create your own tour of italy at olive garden, starting at $12.99. choose 3 of 10 favorites to enjoy on one plate. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks.
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a maximum strength decongestant for 24 hour relief. try allegra-d . . tweet us @rightthisminute and follow the show all day long. now, there's a pretty good chance that you will remember this video. spider-dad. >> oh, my god! >> hey! >> that being mike wilson. this was all for his son, jaden, who was battling a brain tumor. a battle that we know unfortunately jaden eventually lost. but it was such a great video. then it went super viral as well. in fact, over 13 million views. well, mike has sent us another video. he and his team are heading to africa. they're going to spend six days climbing to the top of mt. kilimanjaro to represent the battle that children go through when they're facing these illnesses at such a young age. it's all about the people that they're with. it's all about the goal that
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and there's just so much love in this video. excuse they climb up onto the hill and they can see kilimanjaro. >> they have to climb up a hill just to look at it? >> that's still a long way to go. >> but when they get to camp that night, just look at the energy. [ cheers ] >> oh, my gosh. this just seems so physically taxing. able to pull through. >> day five. now, they start approaching base camp. they got themselves some early sleep because they'll be getting up at midnight. and then in the dark they start heading for the summit. >> that is an incredible sunrise. >> it's majestic. right now it's giving me goose bumps. you see their emotion for all of them when they finally get there. the hugs, the relief. >> that's the hardest thing i've
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>> but mike at the end on the summit boils it down with a message for jaden. >> my mission was to climb kilimanjaro as a way of remembering you and to honor what you gave me. you gave me strength. you gave my family strength. this has your hospital band on it. i miss you so much, mate. i did it. >> it's like he climbed up to the sky to touch his son. >> yeah. it's a really beautiful documentary. and this is the interesting part about it. every click, every watch for his video, this documentary included, all that money raised goes to naomi house which is a children's hospice. so we're going to stick this video up on our website, the more people that watch it,
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that gets raised for jaden. as much as i hate to admit, i haven't been going to the gym much lately. maybe this is the kind of gym i could get into. visible gym. >> today i'm in venice beach showing people how to do an invisible workout. >> david is showing us the workouts here on venice beach with the invisible gym. >> what? oh, my gosh, what's happening? >> he's on his invisible work bench. just working out right here muscle beach. >> wow, it's totally working. >> people seem blown away by this newfangled workout. >> even his workout gear is invisible. >> i love the reactions from people. they're, like, wow! look at that new muscle-building technique. >> it's all about the core. thanks for my spotting, guys. >> this video should be called how to create nearly a lot of bicycle accidents. >> especially there because in that stretch of venice and the
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distracted bike riding. >> can you spot me? >> like this guy, kind young man with a skateboard willing to lend a hand to spot david with the big, heavyweights. >> he just dropped it right on his face. >> just think how fit that skateboarder is. he just lifted it without breaking a sweat. >> this is just a fun, simple illusion that david is pulling off here. >> i want one of those things. >> you do? >> i do. i want to be able to do that. >> i would like an inindividualible gym. >> for your invisible abs. >> my invisible muscles. taking snowball fights to the next level with -- >> the snowball machine. >> what happens when the snow starts flying? >> amazing! >> next "right this minute." and still to come, casey's drone is stuck on a rooftop, but now he's setting out on a mission. >> this is a high-risk/recovery attempt. >> he so the nail-biting operation to try and get it back. plus, we've got the bonus
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flat-screen tv. [ announcer promotional considerations provided by --]formulated for eczema, with the strongest non-prescription itch medicine for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. the "rtm" videos app. now watch videos while you wait. it's secure for boredom. download it now. this video was posted to make people feel good, and it will. >> run! you little rhino, run. >> that little rhino is running, and he's chasing those geese off his land. >> oh, man. this is super cute. i love seeing the young generation of rhinos because we know that they are very endanger endangered. i don't care which one we're
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duck goose. >> that could be. the reason they posted this video on youtube is in memory of roger gouer. he was a helicopter pilot who was hunting down poachers and he was killed by those poachers after they found the elephant that was killed. but they posted this to make people feel happy about what the man tried to do which was save animals. the second video will give you some warm fuzzies. this is a tuoucan named ripley. she's one year old. she has more than 2,000 followers on facebook. and as you can see here, she thinks he's a lap dog. >> that is pretty stinking cute. i didn't now you could have a toucan. >> it's interesting the relationship people have with
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>> where do you get a toucan? a rescue and recovery mission. >> hugely popular youtube blogger casey nystad has got himself a bit of a problem. >> yesterday i left a drone on a rooftop rooftop. today going to try and reclaim it. >> yesterday he was flying one of his drones. the drone lost control and crash landed on a nearby rooftop. first he tries to look as official as possible. see if he can gain access to the building's roof. >> i just snuck into a building. there is a deliveryman coming out, and i walked in. there she is. the drone is still there. >> try as he might, he just can't find a way to just walk up to the rooftop and retrieve his drone. he's a pretty creative guy. all of his films quite creative, so that's where things take a turn. >> i've got 900 feet of industrial twine. at the end of it, i've got this
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of baling wire. now, i considered quite a few things that could go wrong, but the one that i'm most worried about is after i hook it and i'm pulling it up the 300 feet, if and when it falls, that's good night. that is lights out. that's doom. all right. we'll see how this goes. >> down goes the hook. a pretty delicate maneuver. 300 feet down. >> i was afraid it was going to just fall and splatter to pieces. >> be gentle. be very gentle. do it slowly. >> i got it! i got it! >> hey! >> i got it! >> i love his enthusiasm with everything he does. fun guy to watch. check him out on youtube. casey nystad. >> that is mission accomplished. get excited. it's time for another ipad mini giveaway. >> to enter, you need the
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legal u.s. resident. >> and then head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both and you can enter each every day. >> enter wednesday's buzzword. it's remote. >> enter wednesday's buzzword. r-e-m-o-t-e. >> make sure you enter today because today is bonus giveaway day. one of today's two winners will win a flat-screen tv. >> good luck, everybody. these newlyweds are having fun. >> getting their groove on.
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a turn for the worse. this is a question that i never once thought about, but i'm glad these guys did. >> we got a question about what would happen if you put it in a make row waive, so we decided to try it out. >> they have two meteorites that
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>> probably a couple of billion years. >> they were found in brazil in the '90s. they put the pieces in the microwave. they run out of the room. but you see flashing. in the microwave. that goes on until about eight minutes. it just creates a light. >> i guess it's going to be that the metal has become almost molten, almost liquid. because of the heat, it's now glowing. >> it's not sparking anymore. it's not arcing. >> they opened the door, it basically melted onto the glass under it. >> get some meteorites, melt it down and make rings out of it. >> i want one. >> microwave meteorite jewelry. weddings are incredibly beautiful, but most of us are just waiting for the reception. sometimes they can be hazardous. this newlywed couple is getting their groove on. >> hey!
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>> she's facing away. >> and junior wants to get involved. >> learned a good lesson that day. stay out of the way of brides in big dresses. the groom picks up his bride, swings her around, and doink. >> truly footloose. >> most people are familiar with this theme from "dirty dancing." and most people try to recreate it at any cost. >> the on time you try that is when you're in water. >> no. >> and you see her standing in front of the deejay table getting ready, getting ready. cute, by the way. he's not quite a muscle man, but he is her brother. so i'm sure he has plenty of practice, catching her, maybe tossing her on her head. did i just say that? >> get out of here, kid. >> and one and two and prepare for takeoff.
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>> she landed straight on her face and forehead. she goes diving into his arms and boing. other folks come and they're, like, are you okay? most of them laughing because they're family. the older guy wants to be, like, i don't know why y'all need to try that. >> i'm pretty sure it's time to put baby in the corner.
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